I was born under the sign of Pisces and my wardrobe is divided by color

I’m a freelance illustrator based in Parma. Graduated in Comics and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna.

I’m a freelance author since 2015. I draws what is under the surface, or at least what is under mine. I love people with sense of humor and I don’t like people who do not listen to music.

CLIENTS | De Morgen (Belgium), AARP (Usa), Intercom (Ireland), Freeda (Italy), Big Mamma (France), Twix (Italy), Expo Astana (Italy), Google Italia, The Fashionable Lampoon (Italy),The Wild Honey Pie (New York), LIPU (Italy), Wallpepper (italy), One Billion Rising Parma (Italy)

PUBLICATION | Feltrinelli (Italy), Gribaudo (Italy), Dalcò Edizioni (Italy), Hatier Jeunesse (France), Dioptra (Greece), Ella&Max (Czech Rep.), Laberinto (Chile), Il Mucchio Selvaggio (Italy)

LATEST EXHIBITION | 2022 IllustraTice – Galleria Biffi – Piacenza | 2020 Fill Rouge – Spazio Foyer – Trento | 2019 Mostra Abecedario d’artista: Joan Cornellà – Parma | 2019 Abecedario d’artista: Pinocchio – Parma